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Exceptional Dessert Tables Across Hong Kong

There are few events in life that are as memorable and dream-like as a wedding. What could possibly build upon the pure elation, bliss and delight brought by a wedding? A luxurious display curated with love, passion and precision.


Besides the Bride and Groom, the stars of many wedding receptions are the desserts. A table with a stunning wedding cake and an assortment of sweet treats are sure to excite and impress your guests. A well-arranged dessert table by our Hong Kong artisans keeps them coming back for more, and have even been known to steal the spotlight from the dance-floor on occasions!


One secret to achieving perfection is to exhibit care and not rush. We take time to plan and design wedding cakes that reflect different couples to a tee. With us, you can choose from an extensive range of decorations and props for dessert bars that cater to all tastes and personal styles. 


Creative Candy Corners


We take pride in engaging with each customer in Hong Kong and beyond, emphasizing communication throughout the process. We individually craft each dessert table to embody your desired aesthetic. From macaron towers, to bouquets and everything in-between, we take every measure to ensure our Hong Kong clients receive only the most opulent setups.


A gorgeous wedding cake is often the centrepiece of the wedding. This carefully planned confection is a longstanding tradition dating back to Medieval and even Roman times. Keep the tradition alive with your own unique twist with a dazzling display by The Symphony Designer Cakes.


We bring elegance and grace to every wedding with our delicate dessert tables. If you have any questions for us, feel free to get in touch. Fill in an online an enquiry form below, or send us an email to lodge a query. We’ll be delighted to answer your enquiry as soon as possible!

Starry Starry Night 

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Glamorous Garden 

Ritz Carlton 

Lilac Love

Beas River Country Club  

Timeless Romantic Dusky Blue

Four Seasons Hong Kong

Dreamy Pink Blossoms 

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong 

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