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Vows Under the Starry Night 

Vincent van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night” was a great inspiration to Don McLean’s song Vincent.  It can also be a great inspiration for a wedding. With the constellations patterns and the whimsical color palette of deep blues, warm golds, and pale blues, it would make the most eternal wedding dessert table. 

Nav Blue Buttercream Cupcake with Moon , starry night deesert table, candy corner
Blue fondant cupcakes, buttercream cupcakes, dessert table
Buttercream Cupcakes,starry night wedding,fondant icing cookies, dessert table
Fondant icing cookies with Wedding logo,buttercream cupcake, dessert table, candy corner
Starry night weddiing, dessert table, candy corner, blue wedding
Constelltion cookies, fondant icing cookies, dessert table
Wedding cakes,handpainted fondant wedding cakes, dessert table, blue wedding cake, candy corner, dessert table
blue fondant cupcakes, dessert table, candy corner
Macaron Tower, Ombre Macaon tower, dessert table, candy corner

Decoration | Styling: The Wood Wedding 

Dessert Table: The Symphony Designer Cakes

Stationery:  Sanstation

Wedding Planner: The Theme Wedding 

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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